Freezer Repair

Let’s be honest here, freezers are complete lifesavers when it comes to saving money on food and preparing meals in a flash. Allowing you to cook big batches and freeze the rest for later your freezer is the ultimate convenience appliance.

However, when issues occur with your freezer, it can be very stressful and can result in expensive food wastage. If you live in or around Atlanta, GA, then we’re on hand to help you. Give us a call and we’ll be at your door in no time getting to the root of the problem fast.

Freezer Problems that can Occur

Loud Noises
If your freezer is making loud noises or noises which are out of the ordinary, then call us. It is likely that the evaporator coil needs to be replaced.

Frost Build-Up
A little frost build-up in your freezer is normal, but if the temperature drops too low the frost build-up can become excessive. If you notice that the frost is mostly forming near the door, then you may not have closed your door properly or the gaskets may be defective. You might also have an issue with your defrost heater. If the frost is building up at the back of your freezer then you probably have an issue with the defrost cycle.

Leaks Under the Freezer
This issue usually occurs because the line or valve is leaking. It can also indicate a condensation issue. If this only happens once or maybe twice, then it’s likely to just be a fluke. However, if this happens often, you’ll need to give us a call.

Your Freezer Doesn’t Work
Rule out the obvious first and check the machine has power. Are the displays illuminated, and is the power light on? If so, then don’t use the freezer, and give us a call. In the meantime, you can perform a basic electricity check. Check the unit is plugged in properly and the outlet is both working and switched on. If all these are in place and the machine still doesn’t work than your controls are probably faulty.

Your Freezer isn’t Cold
This can often be a simple error. Depending on the model of your appliance, you may have knocked the thermostat when loading or removing food. Check that the thermostat is set correctly. Your issue may also be caused by loading the freezer incorrectly, making it harder to freeze the food properly. Your freezer needs to be able to circulate air to keep food cold.

An empty freeze can also be an issue as the cold will not be able to be held within the freezer properly. As a rule of thumb, you should aim to have your freezer between 70 and 85% full, making sure that the vents aren’t blocked. If none of this helps, get in contact with our friendly team of experts.

Contact Us for Speedy Results
If you need freezer repairs fast then don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll have a helpful technician out to you quickly and will work diligently to resolve your problem.