Ice Maker Repair

How weather in the South is great fun, but sometimes you need to cool off. As long-time residents of Atlanta, GA, we personally love summer days. However, we understand just how brutal the heat can be sometimes. That’s why for residents of the South, a built-in ice machine or ice making appliance is essential. That way, when the heat rises, you can keep cool.

However, life loves to throw us curveballs, and oftentimes our ice machines develop faults right in the middle of summer. Luckily for Atlanta residents, we’re on hand to help get your machine up and running again quickly. Just get in touch with our friendly team at Josh’s Appliance Repair, we have knowledge of all major brands, so we can diagnose your problem quickly.

Common Ice Maker Issues
Ice makers are quite simple appliances so they are never usually too tricky to fix for a professional. They do have a variety of parts through, so it’s not advisable to undertake DIY repairs. There are some simple maintenance tricks you can undertake yourself though.

The Machine is Paused
This will often happen when the bin is too full, or if someone in your household has tampered with the buttons. Therefore if this happens you should check over the settings first.

Misaligned Control Arm
First, you’ll need to check if your ice maker brand uses a control arm, many do, but some do not. The arm works very simply as it fills the bin the moves the arm away. When the bin is full it triggers the arm to move out of the way and on pause. Therefore, before giving us a call, check the arm is the correct position.

Is your Maker too Cold?
Don’t make the mistake of lowering the temperature of your ice maker when it gets hot outside. If the temperature is too low, the water will actually freeze before it reaches the mold meaning you won’t get any ice cubes!

Clogged Filter
Your owner’s manual will tell you how to maintain your makers’ filter. Make sure you keep up with this maintenance as it will help reduce the number of problems you’ll experience and extend the lifespan of the machine. Whilst doing this, check for clogs in the waterline.

Broke Valve
If you’re having issues with your machine and there aren’t any clogs, then you might have a broken valve which we’ll be happy to fix for you.

Clearing a Frozen Line
If you think you have a frozen line then switch off the power to allow the line to gradually defrost. You can use a hairdryer to speed up this process. Be sure to keep the dryer well clear of water though, and use a low heat setting. When this is done, turn the system back on, and if the issue remains, give us a call.

Low Ice Production
More often than not this is because a line has frozen or is clogged. The solution listed above will help this.

If you’ve recently moved your fridge then you might have caused your fridge to become off-kilter. A leak could also be caused by damage to the water supply line. If this is the case don’t delay calling us.

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