Oven Repair

Your oven is an essential tool in your day to day lives, responsible for cooking the food that brings your family together at the table his hard-working appliance often gets taken for granted. When it fails, however, its impact on your life couldn’t be more noticeable. It forces you to splurge on take out or try to come up with ideas that allow you to cook with the microwave alone. But you shouldn’t settle for this.

Instead, at the first sign of an issue, you should contact Josh’s Appliance Repair of Atlanta, GA. We have a team of expert certified technicians ready and waiting to help get your oven up and running again. We’re able to help not just with your oven but your range, stove, or cooktop too, as well as both electric and gas models. We’ll get to the root of your problem lightning fast so you don’t have to worry.

When to Call US
Oven repairs of any kind should only be undertaken by the professionals. You should only maintain and clean your oven, and leave the rest to us. Some common issues you might encounter include:

The Oven Fails to Heat
Firstly you need to check if the oven is receiving power. If it is then the power light, the clock, and the digital readouts will be illuminated. If not, then check the power is on, and if this is the case, then call us so we can come and fix the problem.

Oven Doesn’t Reach the Correct Temperature
All ovens have hot spots and cold spots in different areas, that’s natural. This means that when you first get your own you’ll need to play around to find the sweet spots for your favorite meals. This could mean adjusting a setting or changing shelf levels to get the results you need.

This becomes an issue however when you over won’t come close to the temperature you need such as not going over 250 degrees F. This typically will indicate an issue with the sensor, the thermostat, or the heating element. Either way, we’ll be able to come in and quickly solve your problem. We’ll also let you know how best to calibrate your oven too!

The Door Doesn’t Shut
This can be a minor or severe issue depending on how much your door won’t close. If the door won’t close past the halfway point, then, of course, you can’t use it, it’d be dangerous. If the door closes with only a small gap, you can use your oven for a little while so long as you keep an eye on it. However, even a small gap can impact the overall effectiveness of your oven as they can reduce the internal temperature, meaning you’ll need to cook items for longer, this will waste electricity or gas and make your appliance more expensive to run. Therefore, save money and call us ASAP.

Usually, this issue denotes a problem with the springs or hinges but it may be the gasket that seals the door too. If all these parts are OK then it might be a sensor that is on the fritz.

So, those are the most common issues your oven might face. If you have an issue with your oven or any other appliance in your home, don’t hesitate to contact us as we’ll get the job done fast and for a great price too!