Washer / Dryer Repair

Your washer and dryer are essentials in your home. A lifesaver for busy people, good laundry appliances help save you time. However, if either appliance fails it can completely derail your day, which is why you should give us a call. Here is Josh’s Appliance Repair of Atlanta, GA we’re experts in appliance repair.

Signs your Washing Machine needs Repairs

No Power
Firstly, check your machine is properly plugged in and the cord is undamaged. Change the electrical outlet too. If this fails to help, call us.

Machine Doesn’t Drain
If your machine isn’t draining then you need to check for clogs. If there aren’t any, then give us a call.

A puddle of water on the floor can be caused by clogs or part wear such as around the seals, which allows water to leak out.

Machine is Bouncing
While your machine should vibrate a little, it definitely should bounce around. If your machine is new you’ll need to check that:

  • The stabilizer bars have been removed.
  • The floor is level.
  • The feet are placed evenly.

If you’ve had your machine a while and it’s suddenly started this behavior then check that you’ve balanced the load inside. If you have, then you’ll need to give us a call.

Machine Doesn’t Complete Cycle
This issue is often simple to fix, as its usually a worn-out timer. It could also be other issues, however, which will need to be explored by one of our professionals.

Signs your Dryer need Repairs

The Machine Spins But Won’t Heat
This can be caused by several issues such as a blown fuse, a faulty temperature switch, thermostat problems, failed heating coils or faults in the timer. The fuse is an easy issue to deal with, which can be fixed at home, but all other issues will need a professional to rectify.

The Drum Doesn’t Spin
This repair is common and simple and easy. Often times it caused by a broken belt, but can also be caused by a worn-out roller or problems with the idler or motor.

High Temperatures
When this happens you should turn off your machine and let it cool. Next, check the lint trap and vent for clogs which can cause this issue. You may have a problem with the heating coils or the thermostat which will need professional repairs.

The Dryer Won’t Switch On
Firstly, rule out the obvious, such as if it is plugged in, and the plug is switched on. Next check the state of the use, if it has tripped, replace the fuse. If this keeps happening it could be caused by the dryer itself, so call us to fix this. Check that the outlet is working and the power cord is in working order too.

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